Nov 1, 2012

#NaBloPoMo: My Favourite Quotation

Today's prompt is: Tell us your favourite quotation and why.

Tough one. I love quotes. I used to "collect" quotes as though it were some valuable hobby. By collecting I mean I have 4 (very thick) notebooks where I wrote down quotes for future reference (i.e. writing in cards). I even brought them over to Australia with me because books of quotes would obviously be very handy when writing my Masters thesis.

Also, I love words. They inspire me, make me cry and bring me a lot of joy. They are such beautiful things - some with lilting rhythms, others with dirty sounds; some with perfectly proportioned vowels vs. consonants, others just ugly in their obvious misuse of the alphabet. Ah words…

So you understand, yes? Quotes are made of words and I love words. Therefore I love quotes. QED.

Anyway, so how do you choose just ONE favourite quote? You don't. Instead, I picked a theme and decided to share some of my favourites that relate to the broad theme of happiness and self-discovery (because it's my area of interest/ obsession at the mo)

 "If you don't get lost there's a chance you may never be found" - Unknown

This has been my email signature for many years now. It speaks to me because for a long time I was really lost. I had lost all sense of self and was trying incredibly hard to be someone I wasn't and living someone else's life. But in losing myself, I also learnt many things about myself and the person I really am. Without trying to sound very cliché new age(y), I found myself.
"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it" - Paulo Coelho 

I am one of those millions of people who swear by The Alchemist. I first read it as a 15 year old and really enjoyed it but obviously didn't have the life experience to understand some of the deeper layers of meaning. I have re-read it many, many times since and it always means something new depending on where I am with my life. This (much too) oft-quoted line from the book isn't inspiring to me by itself but it just works to remind me of the message of the book - that dreams are powerful and I shouldn't underestimate them or try to lock them away in the attic of my heart.
"This above all, to thine ownself be true" - William Shakespeare

I am a Shakespeare fan girl. True story. And no, stop telling me Shakespeare didn't actually write those pl…. La-la-la-la…I can't hear you! Anyhoo, this quote is Shakespeare's version of the ancient "Know thyself" and always reminds me to stay true to myself, my principles and my beliefs.
"Every form of happiness is private. Our greatest moments are personal, self-motivated, not to be touched." - Howard Roark (Ayn Rand)

I've spoken of my love for The Fountainhead before. Like The Alchemist, it's a book I first read as a teenager but has come to mean so much more with future re-reading. This quote I love because it always reminds me my happiness is my own, it's personal. What makes others happy doesn't necessarily define my happiness and I should remember that.

"It is our choices...that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." - Albus Dumbledore (J.K. Rowling). 

It's no secret how much I love Harry Potter and that Dumbledore sure said some wise things. This quote just reminds me that who I am and the direction my life heads in is up to me, is in my control, is because of the choices I make.

I have many more that follow the same theme but I think I'll stop for now.

Going by my long winded answer above, I don't think anyone will ever want to interview me. One question would take up a whole page. Why would anyone want to interview me in the first place? Well duh, I am going to be famous justyousee.

*This post is part of the November NaBloPoMo blogging challenge


amberwest said...

Hooray for Shakespeare fangirling! :)

Looking forward to checking out your posts during NaBloPoMo. I may have to use today's prompt later in the month.

Psych Babbler said...

Ok...I finally found something we differ on {apart from your Home and Away addiction} I was not a fan of The Alchemist. I was told to read it when I was a teenager too and about how great it was. But I didn't like it. I am not a fan of that quote either. Because to me it is similar to the stuff that The Secret talks about. I do like Dumbledore's quote of course. :D

R.Bit said...

That's a good thing PB. It's a bit too freaky really how many similarities we share haha. I didn't really enjoy the Secret. Probably the same way you feel about The Alchemist. I think the message of these books has been echoed for centuries by several writers and in the end it just comes down to which one makes an impact on you.

R.Bit said...

High five Amber! :) Thanks for stopping by. I'm very excited about NaBloPoMo and hoping it gets me back into blogging more often. I'm going to hop on over and check out your blog now.

Psych Babbler said...

Oh I should have added...I thought The Secret was a load of s**t. I haven't read it but heard enough to put me off something like that.

Rachel said...

LOVE Harry Potter! :-D Dumbledore did say some great quotes. I also love your second quote; I love the aspect of the Universe conspiring to help me. Thx for sharing!:-D

R.Bit said...

Me too. Looking forward to reading the rest of your NaBloPoMo posts :)

Jennifer Doherty said...

Twins. We are twins. I can't believe how eerily similar our posts were on this prompt!

R.Bit said...

Haha freaky really! ;-)