Nov 12, 2012

#NaBloPoMo: Hangry

Got home and realised I'd forgotten to defrost the meat last night which meant dinner would take longer to prepare than anticipated. Cranky mode - On.

The last few minutes waiting for the oven buzzer to go off I totally had a little hissy fit. I was hungry and wanted food NOW NOW NOW.  I was, as we call it "hangry"

I bought this cushion for J because he gets very cranky when he's hungry. But the tables have turned and I'm easily the hangrier of the two these days.
In my defence...I did a Body Attack class after work and just a protein shake wasn't cutting it today. I needed CARBS and I needed it now.

My signature crankiness is always sleep related, but this is a whole new world of crankiness. I'm hungry, give me food or else....

*This post is part of the November NaBloPoMo blogging challenge.

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