Nov 8, 2012

#NaBloPoMo - My Dream Job

Today's prompt is: If you could have any job (and instantly have the training and qualifications to do it), which job would you want?

My dream job would be to have no job at all (me and the rest of the world, I know). If I had won the damn $100 million in the Oz Lotto last Tuesday (instead of $21.50), I'd be well on my way to achieving this.

I'm not one of those people who would be empty without a job. I'd be happy to be jobless and be a vagabond. I don't enjoy being idle but if I was a rich, jobless nomad I'd have the time to do plenty of things I'd love to but don't have the time for now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not lazy and I don't hate my job. I'm a hard worker, passionate about my career and ambitious. But my ambition is to work hard so I can be day.

When I'm a rich vagabond, I will travel to the moon and back, do volunteer work, play more scrabble, read unstoppably, hang with my family and friends and just generally while my time away being awesome.

Unfortunately, money still makes the world go 'round and I have a massive student debt to pay back so I'll just come back to reality...for now. 

*This post is part of the November NaBloPoMo blogging challenge.


Jennifer Doherty said...

This was nearly going to be my topic too, haha :)

Psych Babbler said...

Haha...see even if I did win lotto, I doubt I could stop working. Maybe work 4 days instead of 5 but that's about it... :P Congrats on at least winning 21.50. My colleague didn't win anything. And me...procrastinated long enough and didn't buy a ticket at all.

R.Bit said...

Haha you workaholic you!

R.Bit said...

Of course it was ;-)