Jun 4, 2012

What's that song again?

You know what's awesome? Technology.

So we're in the car, listening to Triple J.

Me: What's this song again? I really like it.
J: I don't know B..
Me: Oh but I have to know.....

*lightbulb moment*

Out comes smartphone and tap tap tap, SHAZAM (literally), the song is:

Wait. It doesn't end there. Then, le smart phone is even more awesomesauce. It tells me I can listen to the song on Spotify! MIND = BLOWN!

So of course, all weekend I Spotify the shiz out of this song. Never mind that YouTube was just as accessible, I had to Spotify because I could!

Picture this scenario 5 years ago and you'd be hanging for the song to end and keeping your fingers crossed that the radio presenter tells you the name of the song. Or it would slowly eat away your insides until the next time you heard it and may be, just may be,  you would ask and someone would know the name of the song. Pain. Ful.

How awesome is technology?

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