Jun 3, 2012

Dhoom Machale!

Last night SBS had a new reality show on - Bollywood Star. It's a competition to find a Bollywood star in Australia for one of India's leading movie producers/ directors. Last night was the audition process and it was pretty funny. I am keen to watch more.

After the show, SBS had a Bollywood movie on. Now I'm not usually a Bollywood kinda gal but all the singing and dancing on Bollywood Star got me a bit enthusiastic so I spent my Saturday night watching Dhoom 2. What was funnier though is poor J got stuck watching it with me. I think he enjoyed it and was pretty amused with exactly how far Bollywood stretches the concept of "willing suspension of disbelief."

I was talking to my mum while we were watching the movie and told her J was watching it with me.

Mum: You're making him watch a Bollywood movie? He will get a weird idea about India.
Me: He knows me, he already thinks Indians are weird.
Mum: That's true. 

And now, J has been singing "Dhoom Machale" since last night.

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