Jun 5, 2012

#PhotoADayJune - Sign

This is a sign in the office kitchen (above the toaster, obvs).

About 10 am every morning, is burnt toast time. A lot of people eat their morning tea around this time and the entire office smells like toast.

But apparently burnt toast is srs bsns.

The text on the bottom explains in detail how there have been complaints and also includes a statutory warning about burnt toast being injurious to our health. Especially the people smelling the burnt toast.

 I thought this sign was funny because I can't believe it's actually up there. I mean ok, you may not like the smell of toast but is it really that bad that you would complain about it? There are worse smells. But I suppose it bothers some people.

This post is part of the #PhotoADayJune Challenge.

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