Oct 25, 2012

Sweet dreams

So last night after my usual "Let's sleep/ Let's worry" dramas, when I finally fell asleep I had dreams.

Dream 1
I woke up in bed with someone pulling at my leg. Turns out it was my sister and she was trying to kill me. Except my sister wasn't actually my sister. It was my other sister - my sister's long lost twin, who we didn't know existed. I'm not sure why she was trying to kill me but she looked quite evil.

Dream 2
A friend and I are invited to some amazing party in Melbourne (I don't know why Melbourne and not Sydney). When we get there, we learn the Braxton boys are going to be there and we're super excited because you know, Heath's a druggie turned good who's just lost his baby and his girlfriend's a psycho. And he's hot. Brax has fake stencil tattoos but I'll ignore that, he's such a bad boy with a good heart. And he's hot. Casey, young, reckless and always in trouble but he's a good kid you know. And he's hot. Their dysfunctionality just makes them hotter. Except, they come out to party with us in the real world of my dreams and I'm devo. They're all ugly and white (not being racist, they've just got the whole Summer Bay tan going usually) and look nothing like what they do on TV. My real world of my dreams is shattered. The Braxton boys are ugly.

Conclusion? I watch waaaay too much Home & Away (cue for you to judge me. Both dreams are based of recent happenings on the show.) Seriously, I need a life and/or need to find something better to do 7pm, weekdays.


Psych Babbler said...

I am so judging you right now!!! :D Home and Away? Really?

Psych Babbler said...

Oh and 7 pm weekdays...Everybody loves Raymond on 11. Or even the news on SBS/!!

R.Bit said...

Haha don't blame you for judging me! Raymond irritates me but I used to watch SBS news...don't know how I got hooked to Home & Away but now I'm pathetically hooked.