Oct 26, 2012

If I had Rihanna's address...

Dearest Ri-Ri,

Your music isn't really my thing. And normally, your personal life wouldn't be my business either except it's in the news every other day and it's a little hard to avoid. So, seeing as it's in my face all time, I've assumed the right to comment (and question).

So, I'm wondering - why Chris Brown? I mean I love a good looking black man, so I get the attraction. But surely, once he treats you like a piece of shit, smashes your face in, threatens you and writes douchecanoe lyrics to his songs - the charm wears off? 

I'm sorry Ri-Ri. I know there is more to a story than what we read in the papers. I know you say he is "the love of your life". Having the world hate on your love is hard. But, the truth is this ex/current/maybe boyfriend of yours did assault you and definitely did not think it was wrong. Do you understand that people like me want to smash HIS face in because what he did is so disgustingly wrong? (Sorry, getting a bit protective there!) You say you have forgiven and I am all for forgiveness... when the person is actually sorry for what they did. Your mate Chris doesn't look so sorry to me.

You know what Ri-Ri, the love of your life often turns into the douchiest, jerkiest, scum of the earth-est, biggest mistake and regret of your life. Shit like this happens to people all the time. Trust me, I know from personal experience. But you know what else? He isn't the only man in the world. He definitely isn't the best man in the world for you. There are many, many other men who will love you (and you only and not wonder if you can love two people at the same time). You will see that relationships are more about love less about push and shove. More about a throw down on the bed less about a throw out of the car.

You're a talented woman Ri-Ri. You're beautiful, sexy, you can sing and you can make the world dance to your tunes (literally!). I feel like you don't see that though. You've definitely got your swag on in your videos and on stage but maybe it's just a cover? I don't know...maybe I'm just making things up. What I do know is sometimes a man takes away such a large part of you, you don't even know yourself any more and so it's easier to let things be than start over. But this starting over could be the beginning of an amazing new life.

I know no one can tell you how to live your life. Not me and not the millions of angry women around the world who just wish you'd show Chris Girlfriend Beater Brown the door (to put it politely).

So, Ri-Ri, I just hope you find peace, I hope you find happiness, I hope you find love. Most importantly, I hope you find yourself.


Psych Babbler said...

They got back together, did they? Not up with the news apart from the fact that he got a tattoo on his neck which looks like her police shot after she was beaten. It's the DV cycle though...where even after being beaten, most women will go back to their partner.

R.Bit said...

Something like that I think. I just read something where douche brown talks about loving too people at once. I've heard about the tattoo too...just adds to the list of reasons I don't like him.