Oct 24, 2012

Come party with me

I've been having very fitful sleeps lately. Instead of winding down, my brain goes into overdrive as soon as it hits the pillow. My body's like "Yeah…let's go to sleep!!!" My brain is like "Yeah let's make To Do lists! Wait while we're at it, let's sort the To Do list into categories and colour code them too!!"

Body's like "YAYY! Sleep!"

Mind's like:  "Ok, to do list done now time to stress about how many "to dos" I have."

Body's like: "Sleep!"

Mind's like: "Holy shit, I will never ever achieve anything I want in my whole life because my To Do list is so long."

Sometimes German Shepherd dog neighbour joins the conversation "groooowl woof woof BARK BARK BARK"

And then Poodle dog neighbour wakes up and wants to join the party too. "rrrrfff, rrrffff, woof BARK rrrfff rrfff WOOF WOOF WOOF"

Body, still trying, "Sleep?"

Mind, now annoyed because dog neighbours have interrupted OCD list making and worrying over list making; gives up and thinks about things that did happen during the day and how it could have/should have/ would have been different. 

Body: "Ok, change sides, may be that will help"

5 minutes later... 

"No switch again, that will help. Ok wait no, lie on your stomach. No no, kick your legs about a little, that will definitely help and will definitely NOT wake up anyone else who happens to share the bed"

Mind: "OMG I am going to be so tired tomorrow."

To do lists. Worrying about to do lists. Worrying about done lists. Worrying about worrying about lists and not sleeping.

Body's like "I give up, here have some Restless Leg Syndrome."

And Body, Mind and dog neighbours party like it's your birthday all night long. 

Sleep comes in for a visit in the early hours but we're in a Friends with No Benefits relationship and he leaves as soon as his wife rings and shrieks to the world that it's 6am and it's time to start another day. Never mind that your previous day never actually ended. 

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