Aug 3, 2012


I don't deal with them well. I wake up early for work but that's because I have to go be an adult and shiz but left to me I'd rather hibernate till it's spring.

Unfortunately for me, J is quite the morning person. Unfortunately for him, he has to endure these scenes (with variations) almost every morning:

Scene: In bed *alarm goes off*

Me: WHY IS IT RINGING ALREADY? It's dark outside. Did you set it right???
J: Yes. Same alarm, everyday. Same argument, everyday. Wake up.
Me: No. It's not morning yet.
J: Fine. Do you want eggs?
(The man knows me too well, bribing me with food and that)

End scene.

Scene: Getting ready for work

J: *touching my cheek trying to be all affectionate-like*

Me: AAAaaaahhhh WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? IT'S COLD!!!! Don't touch me!

End scene.

Scene: Driving to work

J: *attempting to have a conversation with me and getting responses in grunts and yawns.*

J: You are sooo grumpy in the morning.

R: It's cold and I haven't had my coffee yet, I'm conserving my energy by not talking. Just drive. 

No conversation for the rest of the journey.

End scene.

Honestly, I don't know why the man puts up with me.

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