Aug 4, 2012

Mornings + Cold

So this winter has been ridiculously cold. Ok so may be in Finland it gets to minus 30 and *that's* cold but whatevs. 15 degrees is cold. For Queensland, and for me.

Anyhoo, so in the mornings I stay in the shower until I am dragged out because it's the only happy place in the world. Because there is nothing worse than coming out of the shower into a cold, dreary place known as the Rest Of The Bathroom. But apparently 45 minute showers in the morning make us late for work (Tell me again how adult life is supposed to be fun). So J came up with the idea of dragging the heater into the bathroom before going into the shower. Genius.

This morning, I pressed all its little buttons but the damn heater would not come on. Only obvious explanation for this? J had somehow broken the heater while I was asleep. "What did you do to heater? It's not did you break it"

"I didn't break it. I've been in bed, like you" "No, I'm sure you broke it. You know its cold and I can't have a shower without it. WHY IS IT SOOOOO COLD?" "Are you sure you switched it on?" "Of course, I pressed all the buttons"

"No..I mean at the wall. Did you plug it in?"


Remember how I said mornings aren't my thing?


Psych Babbler said...

Lol! I'll take 15 degrees at the moment...Sydney mornings are 6 and 7 degrees this year! Gah! And I don't have a heater. That's one of the reasons why my gymming fell off the wayside...couldn't get out of bed in the morning despite being awake! 

R.Bit said...

LOL. 15 degrees during the day but it's been very very cold in the mornings...our temperatures have been the same as Sydney. 4 or 5 degrees in the mornings. So over it! And oh yes, gymming does get so much harder when it's cold!