Sep 15, 2010

Day 07: #30daysofme

The Task: A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

Words. They have the biggest impact on me. I identify myself as a writer first, so that makes sense doesn't it?

I've always loved words. There are words I like, words I dislike. Words I use. And abuse. Then there are words I avoid. There are words I use when I write but never use colloquially and vice versa.

As part of my Bachelor's degree, I had to study the History of English Language and while a lot of it bored me to tears, I loved learning how to identify the origin of words in the English language. For a long time even after I finished uni, I would quiz myself trying to figure out if words were French, Latin or even one of Shakespeare's creations ;)

Like I said before, I love and collect quotations. They inspire me, move me, make me think and sometimes just make go "awwww"

I love word games. Especially Scrabble.

I used to read the dictionary for fun. (Try not to judge me :P) and is the first bookmark on my web browser. I even follow @thewordoftheday on Twitter.

While I have a general interest in understanding different cultures - words, the way they are used and often the differences in connotation in different cultures are particularly fascinating for me.

Words &'s something special ;-)

This post is part of the #30daysofme blog challenge I'm doing with some friends

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