Sep 9, 2010

Day 01 - #30daysofme

The task:  A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

So this is a badly cropped pic of me. This was taken by Ilaeria at a recent Hot Pot party at a friend's house. I look like quite the expert at Hot Pot-ing but in reality, I'm far from it.. ;-)

So Fifteen interesting facts huh? Wow... this challenge doesn't ask for much does it? Anyway, here goes...
  1. I'm a pop culture and news junkie. I love knowing everything about EVERYTHING. I thrive on trivia and random facts.
  2. I want to adopt a girl at some point in my life; when *I* grow up that is. 
  3. It may come as a surprise to people who've only known me for the last few years but apart from my shoe obsession (that's a birth defect) I used to be very, VERY tomboyish. I had very, very short hair (Rihanna short sometimes) & owned 1 dress, a couple of skirts and 10 pairs of jeans. Not sure what happened there.. ;-)
  4. I love technology, tech news, gadgets, and anything tech related. I get this from my Dad. 
  5. I love Harry Potter. So. So. Much.
  6. I'm very indecisive
  7. I'm crazy about dogs & can't wait to get one again 
  8. Incorrect grammar drives me insane
  9. I can read & speak 3 languages (English, Bengali & Hindi) but can't write in my mother tongue, Bengali *hangs head in shame*
  10. I don't believe in astrology or anything but I have fun analysing people based on their zodiac signs. Sometimes the personality traits are spot on.
  11. I can't get through a day without music - the genre doesn't matter. Music is all about how it makes you feel and a lot of the time it's about the words too. 
  12. I love quotations & "collect" them. Yes, laugh. I have 4 journals full of quotations. 
  13. I have a Bachelor's degree in English Lit & sometimes I really wish I'd done my Masters in Lit. Reading & then being critical about what you read - pretty much a dream uni course ;)
  14. Sometimes when people talk, certain words or phrases they use trigger off songs in my head. If I know them well enough, I start singing aloud otherwise I sing in my head. 
  15. I don't like cricket. Yes, really. I used to, but that was a long time ago. The only sport I really follow is Roger Federer, ah, sorry, I meant tennis.
There! All done :)


Jen D said...

Yay! We are twin souls my dear, seriously :)

Anonymous said...

Nice one...agree with you on the grammar thing for sure!!! :D

Legal Alien said...

@Jen: Yes. :) Btw, the other commenter - Psych Babbler is my other twin soul & I've never even met her

@Psych: Grammar nazis! ;-) And yes I'll be blogging every day for the next 30 days or I'm going to be in a lot of trouble with Jen D here ;)

sajani mrinalini dutta said...

News Junkie. Check. Dog craving. Check.Grammar grrrr. Check. ( not spelling, though). Indecisive. Bold, Underline, Hi-lite. Check. Songing in the head. Check. One mad grin at you. Check.