Sep 14, 2010

Day 06: #30daysofme

The Task: Favourite super hero and why

So far this challenge has been pretty easygoing but this "favourite super hero" post had me stumped. I don't have a favourite superhero (well, not the comic book type at least) but as I have mentioned before, I'm a total Harry Potter fangirl so for the sake of this post, he is going to be my favourite super hero. I know some of you will argue technicalities but well, Harry can do magic - that is just as super hero-ic as a man who scales buildings arachnid-like or the Last Son of Krypton .

Why do I love Harry so much? Because he's awesome of course. What? That's not reason enough? Okay...
  1. Magic, obviously! No matter how old you are, magic is always cool plus wand-swishing and Latin spells only makes it cooler! Who wants to flick the switch when you can say LUMOS; or why would you open a door when ALOHOMORA is so much more fun! ;-)
  2. Harry is the "Boy who Lived" - he is the Boy Wonder of the Wizarding World but he is still so humble. Humility is underrated but it is so important. It is why I love Roger Federer so much. It's why I respect Rafael Nadal and can't hate him even when he beats Federer. (It's Grand Slam time - the tennis references are inevitable).
  3. Harry is a very loyal friend (e.g. Ron and Hermione) and very passionate about his close relationships (e.g. Sirius or Dumbledore). I'm a typical Aquarian and have lots of friends however I always keep everyone at a bit of a distance (especially as far as my emotions are concerned) until I can figure out if I want to let them into my "inner circle". I value loyalty in friendships & relationships and once you're part of the inner circle, I will go that extra mile for you without hesitation, so Harry's loyalty and passion are endearing.
  4. Invisibility! I read The Invisible Man when I was in primary school and if I could have one super power, I would love to be invisible. I would love to steal Harry's invisibility cloak.
  5. Harry's a good person, he's a hero but he's not a goody-two-shoes and I love that. Sneaking out of Hogwarts with the Marauder's Map or stealing potion supplies from Snape's cupboard - being mischievous makes him more fun and lovable.
There are many more reasons why I love Harry Potter but I'll stick to just 5 for today.

This post is part of the #30daysofme blog challenge I'm doing with some friends.

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