Jul 2, 2010

Day 2: Cheat post ;)

Okay so this is a bit of a cheat post but today has been a very, very long day and it's the Netherlands vs. Brazil quarterfinals so I don't really have the time to frame coherent sentences right now. It's a cheat post because I'm posting something I wrote when I was 17 and some of you have read it before I'm sure.

It's my attempt at poetry...(I really struggle with poetry btw). I wrote it while I was meant to be studying, the night before an English exam. Though I know it's no fantastic piece of poetry, it's still one of my favourites! :-)

I want to sit and read on top of a tree
I want to run like an animal who’s just been set free
I want to learn how to cook a French meal
I want to learn how to train a seal
I want to listen to Mozart and Pink Floyd at the same time
I want to write a good poem without a rhyme
I want to jump off a building to see if I can fly
I want to laugh so hard I begin to cry
I want to read every book ever written
I want to understand the working of the minds of men
I want to never have to apologise
I want to know the true meaning of ‘wise’
I want to write like William Shakespeare – The Bard
I want to write the invitation on my own funeral card
I want to learn to drive a bulldozing machine
I want to never step out of my teens
I want to be interviewed by a famous journalist
I want to be able to tell my life story in a gist
I want to adopt a dog, a monkey, a lion cub
I want to remember an itching nose becomes worse when you rub
I want to love like I’ve never loved before
I want to keep loving more and more
I want to travel to the north and south poles
I want to believe in the existence of souls
I want to travel abroad without a passport
I want to be old enough to vote
I want to be able to laugh at myself
I want to know what Enid Blyton meant by ‘elf’
I want to scuba dive from Kanyakumari
I want to know what its like to break your knee
I want to be brave enough to say I don’t know
I want to know what its like to be a crow
I want...
I want... 
I want, more and more
But most of all…
I want to be me.

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