Oct 15, 2009

Skinny Barbie Has Cankles?

I was watching the CBS Early News this morning where the anchor walked around town asking people if they thought Barbie was fat and had cankles.

Cankles are ankles which are as thick as ankles and one of the world's most famous shoe designers Christian Louboutin who is designing shoes for Barbie this year has apparently said Barbie's ankles are too thick. Funny, considering Barbie's body has always been criticised for promoting unrealistic standards.

Anyway whether Louboutin actually said it or not does not really concern me. I am more than sure this was done chiefly to generate publicity, after all Barbie did turn 50 this year.What did worry me was that no one really thought about the fact that little girls play with Barbie and as if they did not have enough body issues to deal with.  They hardly need to know what cankles are, let alone worry about them fitting into a pair of Louboutins!

Okay so maybe I am overreacting but maybe I am not. After all, kids the world over play with Barbie so is it healthy teaching them that Barbie with cankles is not good enough for designer shoes? Barbie's skinny body sets unrealistic standards anyway, do her miniscule cankles really need to be a topic of debate?


Anonymous said...

Barbie is fat??? As you said, Barbie has the most unrealistic figure ever. No woman could have her sizes! And they talk about cankles...gimme a break! That's all we need now...younger and younger girls with body image issues.

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Well, if Barbie was a real-life female she'd be unable to balance well enough to stand up, so maybe the "cankles" are a good thing if they actually bear a bit of her non-existent weight *snark*

thus spaeke chico...... said...

Cankles.... Dude... that sounds like a tooth infections that cows and other bovines would have.....what the hell are CANKLES ???

Jokes apart.... isnt it also sad that the news reporter has to hop with the "cankles" slogan..... ppl get to know of it even when they didnt.....

why the hell are such designers allowed to design... shouldn't their licenses or degrees or anything else they have be taken away by the law of his country???