Oct 6, 2009

Facebook Farming

If there is only one thing that comes to your mind when I say "Facebook" and "Farming" in the same sentence, you are either:

a) an addict; or
b) as irritated as I am!

What is this obsession with Farmville? Somebody enlighten me please? I love Facebook I really do but this new found obsession that people on my friend list seems to have developed with farming, fishing and other similar activities is just beyond me.

Ever since the latest Facebook format was launched, the News Feed features waaaaay too much information on all your friends, including the millions of quizzes that everyone seems to be taking these days. That I've gotten used to but Farmville, Happy Aquarium, My zoo, My Virtual pet etc etc are so aaaarrrggghhh.

Please, I do not want to grow a farm, I do not want to visit my neighbours and compete with them and I definitley do not want you to keep sending me requests to start growing a farm. I am really quite happy limiting my use of Facebook to catching up with my friends!


Anonymous said...

Haven't done this farmville thing ever but I've seen some of my friends do it. I must say though, I'm guilty of doing some quizzes. But it sure is annoying when people do a lot of those quizzes and publish them in the newsfeed or let everyone see all their comments to others...annoying!

Anonymous said...

Ive done the quizzes too but my point is exactly the same as yours - when people publish everything and it just fills up my newsfeed! And I guess my friends list is just full off people farming... its amazing how many requests I get every day!