Jan 10, 2013

When did I become an adult?

I had the sudden realisation today that I'm a bit of an adult. Shocking, I know.

I realised this because there is such little spontaneity in my weekdays. It's all very structured, routine and....planned (ugh).

Proof of my adultness:
  1. My week days look like this -- Breakfast - Work - Gym - Dinner.
  2. I save.
  3. Grocery shopping
  4. I switch lights off because bills.
  5. 9:30pm = bed time.
  6. I know what headache means.
  7. I complain about the noisy neighbours.
  8. I has responsibilities (refer to point 4).
  9. My high school friends are: married and/or have babies and think I'm the strange one.
  10. I plan.
I thought I had more time but adulthood is catching up on me, quick.

Please send help. I'm not ready yet.


Psych Babbler said...

My weekdays look like yours except the gym is in the morning. And everything else is the same too! :D

R.Bit said...

It's scary.....