Jan 1, 2013

Happy New Year :)

There's something about the 1st of January that brings about a universal positivity isn't there? No matter how much people say you shouldn't wait till the new year to start new things and have new goals, we always want to make a fresh beginning on the 1st of January. It made me want to blog a bit today :)

Nothing particularly exciting to talk about, really. I'm spending New Year's day with the boy (#bliss), couch surfing and watching The Walking Dead. I am really torn about this show. Everyone I know has told me it's amazing and addictive but I really, REALLY dislike zombies and OMG, the gore factor is.... well, they kill a zombie, cut up it's stomach and go through its guts to make sure it didn't eat one of their missing friends...you get the drift?

On the other hand, the drama and the suspense is ridiculously amazing. It's an AMC show. The same people who made one of my all time favourite shows - Breaking Bad. So I'm giving Walking Dead a shot. Besides J loves it so I don't really have a choice. ;-)

The plans for the rest of the day involve a beach swim and then some KFC. Haha. Neither J nor I have had KFC for a LONG time. About 12 months for him and probably 2-3 years for me (I really don't like KFC). But the KFC double burger is back and J has to have it and well, I said I'll give him company and have a zinger  Happy New Year to us ;-)

Tomorrow it's back to the gym, back to work and back to real life.

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