Apr 30, 2012

Mondayitis evermore

Happy Monday! Haha jokes – Monday ain’t never gonna be happy unless it’s a holiday!
Image courtesy: hunchypiper.com

Getting a bit used to these short weeks ever so often…another one coming up next Monday for Labor Day here in Queensland. How good would life be with just a four day week? I would happily work 4x10 hour days if I could have 3 days off. I work almost 9 hours a day now anyway, so whats another hour? In an ideal world....

This weekend was pretty unproductive and I think I procrastinated most of it away. Of course, being unproductive didn't get in the way of enjoying some amazing food. I always joke to J about how much our lives revolve around food but it's true. We make such an effort to eat well and well, nothing makes me happier than a happy tummy.

Here are some of my Instagram (Follow me: missrbit) pictures of some of the good food I enjoyed over the weekend...

Saturday night - Chicken parmigiana at Nobby's Beach Surf Club. It was massive and dripping with gooey cheese, just as a chicken parmy should be.

Coffee. The addiction has only intensified over the last couple of years, so much so I have converted J (who previously didn't drink much coffee) to a pretty regular coffee drinker. The Burleigh area on the Gold Coast has heaps of good cafes doing excellent coffee, so every weekend I have plenty to choose from. On Sunday morning, we went to Canteen Coffee, hidden away in a little alleyway off James Street. If you like your coffee strong and your decor retro-hipster-chic, you will love Canteen.

The almond biscotti was good too though it wasn't as biscotti-like as I expected. I'm used to biscotti being hard, softening when you dip into coffee or tea.

Finally, J and I headed to Slurping Panda for Sunday night dinner. Slupring Panda is at Burleigh Heads too, tucked away in the Old Burleigh Theatre Arcade. We had a menu dropped into the mailbox and it looked very interesting so we had to try it out. The menu is a mix of different Asian cuisines, from Thai to Korean, from Japanese to Malaysian and so much more - I really struggled to pick just one dish to order.

We shared the Panko duck and pumpkin rice balls with plum dipping sauce and it was nothing like what I expected. In a good way! The batter in which the balls were fried was unbelievable, crispy and loads of taste!

For mains, we ended up ordering the Beef Pho (Thinly sliced eye fillet and wombok in ginger broth with mung bean noodles) and the Pork Japchae (pork belly, eggplant, basil, chilli, heirloom tomato and gai lan in oyster sauce with sweet potato noodles). Both dishes were incredible. They were full of fresh vegetables which J and I both love and most importantly, they tasted so food. The Pho tasted very typically Vietnamese with its mix of ginger and lime and the mung bean noodles blew me away with their taste! The pork belly is always a crowd favourite and it didn't fail to disappoint. It was sort of like a spicy Thai stir fry but with a twist. I was glad the sweet potato noodles didn't have a sweet potato taste to it (I hate sweet potato with a passion). I loved their slippery, glassy texture however and it mixed in so well with the rest of the fresh vegetables.

I think we're going back for more next weekend.

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