Aug 4, 2011

Of course this post is about Harry Potter

It's over *cry*

Yes ok, it's been over for a long time but you know, it's finally O-V-E-R. Nothing to look forward to anymore :(

The movie was absolutely brilliant. Admittedly the first few Harry Potter movies weren't very good (I still watch them though) but they definitely picked up their game and the last two movies have been amazing. I'm so glad this last one didn't disappoint. Such an amazing way to end it all.

Of course I got emotional during Snape's memories of Lily. Of course I was holding my breath for a few scenes (Molly ending Bellatrix, in particular). And *of course* I wished certain bits from the book hadn't been left out.

I loved the movie and I wish I could say it better instead of just gushing like a little child but I'm not feeling very writer-y today. I *will* write a Harry Potter post though. Soon.

This post is part of the NaBloPoMo August challenge.

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Psych Babbler said...

Yeah I haven't watched the movie...haven't watched since the third one. Not a fan of most of the characters in the movies --- I thought only Hermione, Snape and Hagrid were close to the way I had imagined them in the books. And of course, didn't like the way the movies cut important things from the book. I heard that the last two movies were quite good but I still don't plan on seeing them. Glad you enjoyed it... :)