Feb 22, 2010

wedding season anyone?

So yesterday I went to my first ever "Hen's Night". Funnily enough, I organised the whole thing even though I've never been to one before! My friend J is getting married on the 6th of March. She moved to Australia to be with her boyfriend (now, almost husband) and so, like me, has no family here. So when she invited me to her wedding, I knew I had to organise a Hen's Night for her. So yes, we did have a very good night.

Anyway, so J's is the first of many weddings that I know is going to happen this year. Thanks to Facebook, in the last few months, I have literally watched my friends go from "in a relationship" to "engaged" and some have already evolved to the "married" status as well. The arranged marriages of course did not even have the "in a relationship" status! Most of these are my friends from school and uni in India, so they are people I have known for many years and most importantly, they are girls my age! No, I am not headed where you think I am! Watching the constant coupling around me is not "inspiring" me into "Settling down". Yes, I get asked "when are you settling down?" to which I now reply, "Why? Am I out of control right now?".

So lots of marriages this year. Lots of weddings I will be missing (that is the part that makes me sad!) but no, I am not getting married. Not yet. I want to get married and we will... V & I have a plan of action and need to work at our plans one step at a time so marriage will happen once the steps before it have been completed. What's funny is, V & I are one of those couples who have been together since school so everyone assumed we would be the first to get married. (I have never quite understood the logic behind that assumption!), but at the rate my friends are going.. it looks like we will be one of the last! ;)

I'm wondering... this sudden urgency to get married.. does it have anything to do with that quarter life crisis I was talking about? Most of these girls are turning 25 this year or did in 2009 so does this milestone suddenly make them believe they should be married? I am not being mean.. I am very happy for all my friends who are getting married. I'm just trying to figure out why, all of a sudden at least 20 of my friends (at the very least and I am NOT exaggerating!) are getting married this year! Weddings are in this year so by the time I actually get married, it will be "so last season" ;) Haha!

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