Nov 12, 2009

Run Forrest Run!

I went for a run yesterday.
It was painfully obvious to me how unfit I am.

I’ve been going to the gym on and off for some time now but I don’t really take it as seriously as I should. More than losing weight, I decided to go to the gym to stop being so sedentary and get a little fit. But I fell in love with weights…and started doing lesser cardio. Stupid. Totally defeats the purpose. I look toned but don’t feel that fit at all.

Anyway, so a friend of mine wanted to rollerblade at this new park near my place and I thought I’d give her company. Since I don’t own rollerblades, I figured I’d try running. Needless to say, I was out of breath soon enough and didn’t really run for too long.

But, I actually loved it. Running near the water was really nice and it’s way less boring than a treadmill. I’m in pain today but I want to keep doing it so I get better at it. My sister has been telling me how addictive it is and after just one day of running, I can see what she meant. I loved the fresh air.

When I first started going to the gym, I was very conscious about myself and my body even though I’m not really fat. My gym has a ladies only area and I refused to work out anywhere but there. But after a few months, I became less conscious and would work out in the common area to gain some more confidence. Yes, its weird and I know I’m not that important but I honestly did feel like everyone was looking at me (like they don’t have better things to do). Plus, my gym is in the same building as work so everyone from work goes there and I felt like they would see how unfit I am and laugh at me. In fact, the reason I didn’t go to a gym for a long time is because I was so conscious.

Anyway, I am much better now and therefore more confident about running and not worrying about other runners laughing at me. It’s a big thing for me to have gotten past that. I will stop a million times to catch my breath. I will huff and puff. But at least I’ll be running and not sitting at home making false promises to myself. :)

Going running today after work. Alone this time, with no rollerblader in tow. Looking forward to it.


Titaxy said...

ohhh i've been meaning to try running outside instead of the treadmill...but now winter is here and so i guess that has to wait a few more months..

you enjoy your runs!!!

Legal Alien said...

Yeh its fun. Winter's probably a better time to start? It will warm you up I guess.

Anonymous said...

Good on you! I hate running...gym or outside. Although I found running on the treadmill more effective because I was able to challenge myself by increasing the speed, inclining the treadmill, trying more ks etc. I loved weights though!!! I wanna join a gym just so I can start lifting weights again...although I know I have to do cardio as well to lose weight.

Do the gyms in GC rip you off? Here the Fitness First gyms tend to rip you off...trying to find a nice one here but haven't yet

Legal Alien said...

Fitness First is pretty expensive here too Psych but I got a foundation membership at the Fitness First in my work building so I managed to get a very cheap membership but some of my friends end up paying about $38 a fortnight.

And i love weights... Trying to get into cardio a little more to get a little fit though ;)