Jun 26, 2009

The Old King Is Dead, Long Live The King

I am not easily given to celebrity worship and the like. I like lots of singers but don’t care if I never see them in concert, but if there’s one concert I would give an arm and a leg to be at, it was a Michael Jackson concert.

I know people love to hate MJ but I love him and I am not ashamed to say it. Child molestation, plastic surgery, bankruptcy aside – he still made groundbreaking music and come on, when was the last time someone created their own dance style. There may be a million Macarenas and Souljah Boys but never another Thriller. How many other songs/ dances inspire something like this?

I can listen to Heal the World and Will You Be There all the time, and I do.
And even though I was blessed with two left feet, Thriller, In the Closet, Give In To Me, Remember the Time, Smooth Criminal and so many more ALWAYS make me want to dance
I really wanted to go for a concert in London and when I heard he’d postponed to 2010, I seriously thought about it. Sadly my life right now doesn’t let me plan much in advance because I have other things to take care of but if I didn’t, I know I’d be flying to London July 2010 ….that’s if he hadn’t died of course :( When he performed in India in the 90s, I remember begging my parents to take me but they didn’t quite get why a kid who couldn’t even dance wanted to travel halfway across the country to see Michael Jackson! :(

I know hundreds of people gathered outside the hospital and he deserves nothing less.

I hope Neverland becomes to MJ fans what Graceland is to Elvis lovers.

I hope MJ fans refuse to accept the reality of his death and even 20 years after his death, I hope there are rumours that MJ will resurface because the guy who actually died was his twin brother (or any other equally far-fetched story)

There will always be only one Michael Jackson…and I can’t believe he’s gone.


puresunshine said...

i think as kids MJ was the first pop star we looked up to! and it was amazing to see the MJ mania around. Thriller is his best work i feel and it will be difficult to even believe that he's not there ne more.

Anonymous said...

Yes, exactly and MJ didn't just inspire one generation...his work spread across so many years that every generation loves him for something!

Blue Floppy Hat said...

I remember I LOVED Beat It and Smooth Criminal to bits when I was about eight and the tape I bought back then (sixteen years ago!) is still around. But I never could own up to being a fan, people at school were so opinionated about the music you could and couldn't like (I remember someone dissing the Beatles at one point).

And Cal music snobs are another breed- anything that got recorded after 1980 got a nose turned up at it (hence the backlash, and the fact that I can't stand "Floyd" etc to this day). But for our generation, no matter what anyone said, he really WAS one of the first major stars and not all the music snobbery in the world could shake kid love of his tunes. And whatever else the music snobs may say about him, the man had STYLE.

Anonymous said...

@ Blue: I remember you liking MJ in school and I remember us discussing it but I understand what you mean about not being able to own up to it. Stupid music snobbery!
And hell yea, that man definitely did have style...lots of it..